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How to Building a Compelling Vision

Are you building a new organization, launching a change effort, or just managing an organization through changing times? If you are, you will be much more effective if you communicate a clear compelling vision that sets the direction for your organization. A clear vision not only keeps your organization focused and motivated but also enables other organizations to fully engage and support you, ensuring your success.

Below is a list of 10 steps you can take to build a compelling vision.

1. Assess What Is Happening Around You

Determine who your stakeholders are, and assess their needs and expectations of your organization. (Stakeholders can include major customers, partners, board members, peers, influential people within the organization) Find out how your stakeholders will measure your success. Then look externally and review how your competition is responding to changes in the market. Consider if there is anything you can learn from them.

2. Look for Trends

As you do this analysis can you see any trends that you need to address. If things continue the way they are what will that mean for your organization?

3. Think Big

Give yourself some time to think about the opportunities in front of you. What is the biggest thing that you want to achieve. Think outside of the box. Don't limit your thinking. Is that big enough?

4. Think long term

Make sure that you are taking a long term view, and not being side tracked with short term needs or personal ambition.

5. Dream Your Vision

Take a moment. Imagine yourself in the future - one year from now. Write down what will be different in clear simple terms. Your organization has been successful. Describe what you have achieved and the key people that have contributed to your success. Describe the benefits that this brings to the company, your customers, partners and employees.

6. Have Passion

Does this vision get you excited and motivated to act? Does it have meaning? If not, what would it take for you to have real passion for your vision? Revise your vision. Address any obstacles that are in your way.

7. Access Available Resources

Review the capabilities of your existing resources. Are there any gaps? When you start to implement your vision you will need to address these gaps.

8. Invite Others In

You are now ready to involve others in your planning. People generally like to collaborate and help. Be open to other's ideas and input and share your vision with them. Begin to build a joint plan for how to implement the vision.

9. Balance Conviction vs. Openness

As you communicate your vision, you need to believe that your vision is right while still being open to new ideas and suggestions from others. Without the support and commitment of others you cannot succeed.

10. Keep Objective

Your vision is not you. If people reject your ideas they are not rejecting you. Keep your objectivity with you at all times so you can be open to suggestions that will improve your vision.

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