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Our Leadership Coaching Process


Just as athletes have always used coaches to help them stay on top of their game, individuals, executives, and  teams partner with coaches to realize exceptional business performance.   


Through the leadership coaching process, the “coach” provides an ongoing partnership designed to help the client produce optimal results.  


Leadership coaching is not about fixing something that is broken, rather it is about using a collaborative process to unleash and realize the full potential of an individual or team. To help already successful people be the best they can be!


Our approach to leadership coaching is to tailor our work to the individual needs of the  leader / "client" and the business.  Even though each leadership coaching experience will be different, we generally follow the same high level framework that is outlined below.



1. Contracting

Introductory conversation to discuss initial goals, review expectations and determine if working together would be a good fit.


2. Assessment

To clarify the current situation, leadership approach and to provide a context for the coaching work.  The type and scale of assessment that we conduct will vary based on our client's needs.  We may use  standard personality / behavioral style profiles or a 360 leadership survey. Typically, we will conduct confidential interviews with key stakeholders, direct reports and peers of the leader being coached, to gain qualitative feedback and engagement in the process.  We may also conduct a more extensive organizational assessment to provide a broader and more comprehensive perspective.


3. Review Assessment Results and Define Goals  

This is a collaborative process between the coach and the leader to build awareness and clarify the goals of the coaching program.   To define the what and how of the leadership coaching process.  We may also include other stakeholders in this process to review assessment results and set expectations / goals.


4. The Leadership Coaching

A coaching conversation is a very different type of discussion that serves to bring a greater level of insight and accountability, leading to better decisions and action.  In the coaching relationship, it is the client who sets the agenda and the coach who manages the process.  The coach will bring an external perspective and provide feedback, while serving as an objective sounding board to keep the client focused, and on track.  



In between scheduled coaching sessions, the client will complete specific actions that support the achievement of defined goals and integrate learning. The coach may provide additional resources in the form of relevant articles, checklists, assessments, or models to support thinking and actions. 


Leadership coaching sessions are conducted over the phone or in person depending on the requirements of the client. 


5. Review and Evaluation

On a regular basis, we review and evaluate progress to determine next steps.


6. End Coaching 

End the formal coaching process when goals have been  achieved. 



Executive Readiness


Leadership coaching is not for everyone.   We only work with clients who we believe will benefit from our coaching.  The most critical factor that determines a successful outcome is the readiness of a leader to


  • Be dedicated to  move forward, to learn, to grow, to perform at their best.

  • Be open to new approaches and  be motivated to change

  • Be willing to solicit feedback and support from others. 

  • Be ready  to invest  time and energy in achieving the desired results.



Contact us to discuss your coaching needs today.


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