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Manager Assimilation


Accelerated Relationship Building For New Leaders


"It's the best way to iron out rumors and confront the issues that arise with a new manager, and to create a climate of openness"

.............Bill Hunt, GE Power Systems


A change in management can easily derail even the most productive teams as they try to understand how to work successfully with a  new manager.  Most of the time this transition happens slowly as  individuals interpret their managers actions and comments and draw conclusions about what is required of them in this new world. Through trial and error individuals learn the working practices and preferred style of the manager.  Its an unsettling time that reduces productivity and creativity.



At Leading Insight we have successfully used the New Manager Assimilation process,  to ramp up the integration of a newly appointed managers with his or her direct reports.  This facilitated half day session, can compress months of getting to know their new manager to a few intense hours,  ensuring that a team quickly becomes productive after a management change.



It is a simple process that requires excellent facilitation and coaching skills  to be effective.  It is a kind of brainstorming session combined with an intervention that gets everyone on the team off to a strong start.



Learn more about the New Manager Assimilation Process

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