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Team Programs


Our approach to delivering a team building program is to partner with our client to fully understand the needs, and then to develop a custom program that will address specific business issues.  This approach ensures that the participants learn the skills that are most relevant to their work situation.  


Below are three examples of teams that we have worked with:




Team with Communication Issues


Client Needs

This team had been together for some time, and although they were working well individually there was little synergy across the group.  A couple of the team members had good relationships with each other but generally there was a feeling of competition between the group and minimal trust.  


Program Design
  • One day communication skills workshop to build awareness and appreciation of the alternative communication styles within the group.  

  • 1/2 day challenge course to build trust between group members

  • Review meetings with team members to ensure accountability.



The group is now energized around  a shared goal and team meetings are productive and collaborative.



A New Team Formed From a Reorganziation


Client Needs

A reorganization created a new team to market a specific product line.  There were well defined P&L targets but the group was resource constrained and had some tough choices to make.   


Program Design
  • Building the plan - facilitated meeting to build alignment around the plan.

  • Experiential team building activity to strengthen  coordinated problem solving skills, and help the group work together effectively.

  • Teaming skills workshop and leadership coaching to build skills

  • Business review to keep the team on track and accountable



The team executed well and team members have  a strong respect for each other's contributions.  They achieved their goals, launched the product and are now working on the next product release.


A Team in Transition


Client Need

Support the transition of a new marketing team,  that was formed from the restructuring  of  three separate organizations.  This team of "survivors" were struggling  as  their misconceptions of each other and difficulty in dealing with change was getting in the way of their success.   Communication  between team members was not respectful and the conflict was beginning to damage relationships and impact results.


Program Design
  • Series of interviews with key team members to identify issues and team strengths.

  • Conflict resolution to build understanding and workable business relationships.

  • Weekly coaching sessions with Team Leader to strengthen leadership skills.

  • Team offsite to build commitment and develop the operational  plan and trust .

  • Quarterly half day meetings to review progress and to strengthen teaming skills.



The "survivors became "thrivers"  and have stuck together through a difficult transition.  The team morale has dramatically improved and this team is now involved in leading a new change effort within the company.




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