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Leadership Team Offsites


When an executive or leadership team holds a corporate retreat or offsite business meeting, it represents a major investment in time and cost. To make the most of this limited and extremely valuable time you need a facilitator that will ensure that the right discussions happen and people leave energized, aligned, committed and accountable to a clear action plan.


Something magic when a leadership team comes together and aligns around a common purpose.  There is a unique doubling of power, performance and respect with the recognition of what the team can accomplish.


We can bring out the contributions and strengths of each team member,  to create a cohesive team.  A team that can face reality, have good fights and then pull together to take action.  Each member of the team becomes accountable to their objectives and can execute with confidence, knowing that their colleagues will also be meeting their deliverables.  This alignment helps create  a motivated and engaged workforce that is committed to implementing on the agreed strategy.


We will partner with you to ensure that your meeting is successful from inception through to implementation.


Our facilitation services include:


  • Manage meeting logistics, eg venue selection, meeting planning, site inspections, and organizing other "team-building" activities.

  • Meeting preparation to clarify meeting goals and specific outcomes.

  • Development of a focused agenda, that will ensure that you accomplish your meeting goals during your off-site or retreat.

  • Consulting to help you identify and gain commitment from key stakeholders -prior, during and even after the meeting if necessary.  In addition we will work with key contributors to ensure preparation and pre-work is completed prior to the retreat, maximizing the value from your time together.

  • Meeting facilitation to ensure the real issues get discussed effectively.

  • Managing conflict between participants, to build alignment and strengthen relationships.

  • Recording and reporting back the outcomes, agreements and actions from the retreat

  • Following-up on the decisions that were made and ensuring accountability to actions.

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