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What our Clients Have Said..


"I was running as fast as I can, but now I am running smart.  Thank you for making the difference." 


“As a CEO, Doris provided me with invaluable help.  I am a better leader today and my organization is more engaged and productive.  She also helped us formulate a strategy and build the processes to track our performance and validate that we are all in sync with that strategy. I highly recommend Doris.”


“Doris is a fantastic coach. She is great to work with, and has an uncanny ability to dive into the core issues and give exactly the kind of perspective an executive needs. Her methodology provides the right structure for long term development, and she's a great help in optimally addressing immediate issues.”


 “Doris is a terrific facilitator of executive level sessions.  She does her prep work, connects with her audience, exudes confidence (well earned) in front of senior groups, and does a very good job of including and engaging all members of the groups she facilitates.”


 “I had the pleasure of being part of a management development and leadership training course in Hong Kong drawing senior management together from 13 APJ countries.  Doris Kovic from Leading Insight was the principal instructor and coach at this session that included senior management from a range of functions including finance, sales and services.  Doris excellent command of the subject matter, ability to apply to business situations backed by real life examples made this a valuable journey.  Doris was also able to focus the attendees and create in-depth engagement with a confidence and ease that was remarkable.  I would certainly recommend Doris at a group and individual level for Leadership Coaching and personally grew from the experience.  Doris is held in high regard by all attendees to this day.  Doris Kovic will benefit any individual or organization that leverages this talented individual.”


“Doris is a great person to work with on a wide range of business improvement programs.  She does a tremendous job in leadership and team development and as a personal coach.  Very professional and stays on track.  In team building, she gets everyone involved and contributing.  Her feedback is to-the-point and professionally presented which encourages and facilitates change.  Doris works effectively across a broad range of executive and management levels, from the president on down.  During my career, I worked with Doris numerous times in leadership development, executive coaching and change management and was very satisfied with the short and long term results.”


 “Doris is the best!  Doris facilitated a divisional leadership team meeting shortly after my employer was acquired by Thermo Electron Corporation.  Based on her ability to facilitate this meeting and manage the diverse and challenging personalities, representing a diverse array of businesses, my business unit hired her to help us redesign our organizational structure.  Doris' insight and facilitation of this process resulted in the development of a perfect organizational design.  Immediately, our business became much more manageable and during the first 12 months under the new design, our revenue grew from $68M to nearly $80M.  Doris facilitated our division's strategic planning process and subsequent quarterly divisional update meetings and did a marvelous job."


"Our business was always better, operationally and commercially, after working with Doris.  I have no doubt that I am a better person today for having worked with Doris.  She is a wonderful coach and mentor!”


 “Doris is very, very good at what she does. I would retain her again in a heartbeat, and highly recommend her services.”


"You did a great job with the session last week, I envy your facilitation skills!"


"You do a great job facilitating these sessions... I know it's tough keeping a group, like ours, focused and moving forward, but you seem to manage it incredibly well.


"If you can accept one definition of quality as - meeting or exceeding expectations - this was a quality session."


"We just finished an intensive offsite putting together our North American business plan.  I'd rate this meeting a 10 out of 10 in terms of focus results, communication and relationship re-building."


“Doris led our leadership training class and did an amazing job.  She kept a room full of folks with varied backgrounds on track and on time.  I learned more from that class than any other I have ever taken.  I would gladly take a class with Doris anytime.”

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