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Team Building That Sticks


Feeling a little jaded by the standard team building?  


Our programs are designed to be a little different.  Our focus is to integrate the team building activities within a workshop format that addresses your specific business objectives. 


Over the years we have found this approach to be much more successful  in affecting positive and sustainable change.    Our expertise is in designing and facilitating a program that delivers business results and enables sustainable positive change to team dynamics.


We all want to be part of a high performing team. The key to creating that  is  for the team to experience being productive together within a healthy teaming environment. To have some fun and strengthen relationships, while at the same time addressing the business opportunities and learning how to work together.  


Our goal is  simple.  We want everyone  that participates to feel that our program was the best team building program that have experienced.  To leave with a renewed energy and understanding of how to work together to drive business results within a healthy work environment.


What We Do


Our team development services can include many different types of services based on the types of teams and requirements of the client.


Usually our team programs are delivered in three phases.

1. Identify the issues that are getting in your way.   


2.  Work with the team leaders to jointly develop a plan to turn the team around.  T


3. Design and deliver a customized program, executed by you or in partnership with us, that will ensure sustainable success.


Our team building programs often include "experiential" learning combined with more traditional approaches.  


This ensures that participants are involved at multiple levels - physical, emotional and  intellectual  - ensuring that they are fully engaged in the process creating  long lasting  behavioral change.

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