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10 Ways to Manage Stress

What can you do differently the next time you find yourself overwhelmed or stressed out?

Read the list below and then use the ideas to a develop your own top 10 list that you can keep with you. Next time you are stressed out pick one thing from your list that you are willing to do!

1. Breath

Stop what you are doing and take a 30 minute break to do absolutely nothing! Take deep breaths.

2. Go Exercise

Go for a walk or do whatever type of exercise you're willing to do.

3. Take a Break

Do something fun - take a humor break. Go and do something that will make you laugh. Lighten up!

4. Eat Healthy Food

For the rest of the day make sure that you are only eating healthy nutritional food.

5. Do Something Fun

Make a plan to do something enjoyable every day and stick to it!

6. Do Something Different

Spend 30 minutes doing an important task that you have been procrastinating on.

7. Strengthen Your Relationships

Call a friend and make plans to meet with them later in the day.

8. Get Organized

Tidy your desk or your work environment. Clutter contributes to the feeling of being overwhelmed and stress.

9. Get Perspective

Check in with yourself and ask "what is my gut telling me that I need right now?" Give it to yourself.

10. Call Your Coach

If you don't have one, find one.

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